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The Kinematic Sequence for Injury Prevention and Performance in Baseball and Softball

The kinematic sequence or kinetic chain concept is gaining popularity in baseball and softball for both performance enhancement and injury prevention. Studies in biomechanics dating back to the 1980’s and continuing through today have given us a model for efficiency with the throw and swing.

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Complete Game Physical Therapy: Out in Our Community

Complete Game Physical Therapy is committed to providing the best physical therapy services to the Lowell, Massachusetts area. As part of this commitment, we make it a point to be a good neighbor and get out into the community to teach injury prevention, proper body mechanics, and information about our clinic and services.

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How to Help Avoid Soccer Injury This Fall

Fall will be here before you know it and with it comes the start of a new sports season.  Soccer has become one of the most popular youth and high school sports and, as with all popular sports, injuries do occur.  Several different kinds of injuries are common in soccer, from concussion to ACL tears to ankle sprains.

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