Orthopedic and post surgical rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

We believe that every patient deserves the same high quality, expert care that a professional athlete would receive.  So no matter if you are coming in for back pain, neck pain, shoulder, knee, hip, ankle or foot problems we will work with you and provide quality personalized care.  We will always be sure that you feel genuinely cared for.



Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Having surgery can be very scary for a patient. At Complete Game we will work with you and your surgeon as part of the team to get you back to full function. We treat all orthopedic post surgical conditions including joint replacements, shoulder, elbow, knee, hip or foot/ankle. Our goal is to help put you at ease by outlining a clear plan for your recovery and maintaining consistent contact with your surgeon to guide you through full recovery.

Orthopedic and surgical rehabilitation at Complete Game PT in Lowell MA

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