Patient of the Month: Sarah

POM Sarah.jpg

Complete Game PT is happy to introduce our July Patient of The Month: Sarah.

Sarah came to Complete Game PT after she had surgery on her right shoulder to fix a labrum tear. “When I first started, I could barely move my arm,” Sarah said. “My pain definitely decreased as the weeks went on. In the end, I was able to lift a five pound weight over my head.” Sarah admits that others she had spoken to had dreaded going to PT. “I never felt that. There's such a personal touch.  And, Greg knows when to push you and when to back off.”

Sarah’s treatment here at Complete Game started with warming the shoulder with a heating pad and a massage.“Then I would do basic arm movements, each week building up more mobility and strength. I started PT without using any weights and then added weight as I gained strength. During my first PT session, I did simple hanging arm circles...and it hurt like crazy...but by my last session, I was doing push-ups with little pain,” Sarah explained.

Sarah’s customized exercise plan for her surgery didn’t end when the PT session ended. Greg carefully went over all of the exercises and provided a sheet detailing the instructions for the exercises to be followed at home. “I was pleasantly surprised by how well my recovery went after such a painful surgery and I know it had a lot to do with the encouragement and care of Greg Crossman at Complete Game PT,” Sarah said. “I can now make a bed, swim in a pool, and lift a glass of wine without pain.”

Sarah points out that Greg found the perfect balance of personal touch and professional excellence when he worked with her. “During my sessions, I was able to see his interactions with other patients from all different walks of life.  He is as caring and professional with a young athlete trying to get back into their sport, as he is with a construction worker trying to get back to his job, as he is with a mom trying to get back into doing all the millions of things she has to do!”

When asked if she would recommend Complete Game PT, Sarah is enthusiastic in her reply. “I would absolutely, 100% recommend going to Complete Game PT with Greg.  In fact, I've already recommended him to anyone who could potentially have need for PT.  Greg Crossman is so friendly, so helpful, and so professional.  He wants the best for each and every patient.”

If you or your athlete are recovering from an injury or experiencing any discomfort or pain, give Complete Game Physical Therapy a call at 978-710-7204, email Greg at, or browse our website. Also check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more tips on staying injury-free.

Greg Crossman