Patient of the Month: RJ


Complete Game PT is happy to introduce our Patient of the Month for August, RJ.

 Rj is a college baseball player who is currently recovering from labrum and rotator cuff surgery. “As a throwing athlete I would like to get back to where I was throwing a ball before my injury. I started Complete Game right after my surgery. Anyone who has had Labrum or rotator cuff knows you can’t do anything till the pain goes away. I could not drive, tie my shoes, etc. Now I can do whatever I want including throwing which is the most important thing.”

Rj’s treatment entails a number of different things. “First we start with heat to warm up my shoulder. After, Greg will do deep tissue work and then stretch my shoulder. After, he has me do different types of exercises to trigger different muscles that are used to throw. I use kettle bells, med balls, light dumbbells, and bands. Lastly, Greg puts me on a GameReady machine so i can ice my arm.”

We send exercise assignments home with our patients and RJ is no exception to this homework. “I am assigned to do almost every exercise Complete Game gives me. These entail; static and dynamic stretching multiple times throughout the day and doing the band work that we do at Complete Game. “

All of this effort and work has definitely paid off. “Since I have been with Complete Game PT after my surgery, my discomfort has significantly improved. It has been a little over a year since surgery and now I don't even think about my shoulder or feel pain doing everyday things.”

RJ has found so many positives in his experience here. “To anyone considering going to Complete Game PT I would definitely go. I have recommended to almost everyone i know that needs Physical Therapy. Especially if you are an athlete. You get 1 on 1 time with a physical therapist that knows how to push you. Very easy to communicate with and caring. Greg wants you to get healthy and get you back out on the field. In the end, that’s the ultimate goal.”

RJ’s had a different experience with physical therapy in the past. “In high school I had to go to PT for the same shoulder. My experience there is very different then the one at Complete Game. At the other PT it was a crunch for time. You have 30 min or an hour and had to get so many exercises done in so little time. At Complete Game I do not feel rushed and I can take my time with my exercises and do them right. Also, at the other place we worked only shoulder and not other parts of my body that we hurting. At Complete Game I also came in with hamstring issues and they made that a focus as well. Complete Game has just been a great experience. What I enjoy the most about Complete Game PT is the atmosphere. Greg makes it easy to get the work done. He is very energetic and easy to communicate with. He makes you excited to be there and forces you to get better that day.”

If you are looking for a different physical therapy experience, contact Greg today!

Greg Crossman