Patient of the Month: Thomas

Complete Game Patient of the Month Pic.jpeg

Because we have so many amazing patients with unique stories, at Complete Game PT we’ve decided to feature a Patient of the Month each month. April’s Patient of the Month is Thomas. Thomas is a 12 year old baseball player who came to us last fall after suffering his 2nd incidence of “little league elbow” in the past year. He worked with us not just to rehabilitate his elbow, but also to strengthen his shoulder and core muscles to help him reach his goals and return to his favorite sport, baseball.

Thomas was ecstatic to get back to baseball, thanks to Complete Game. “My experience at Complete Game Physical Therapy was great. They not only helped me with my injury but gave me exercises for my elbow and shoulder to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I was given a home exercise program of bands and stretching that I had to complete every day,” says Thomas. “This really helped with my recovery.”

Thomas is so excited that it’s finally baseball season - and that he’s back and better than ever. “I am not only back to playing baseball but now throw harder and hit the ball farther than before!”

Thomas’s mom, Heather, also was thrilled with Thomas’s recovery, and their experience at Complete Game. “Our experience at Complete Game was fabulous. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and helped make the rehabilitation process fun for Thomas.” Heather drove over 45 minutes each way to come see Greg at Complete Game and “would never even consider going anywhere else. Because of the care Thomas received at Complete Game he was able to return to baseball months before anyone thought he would. Thank you!”

Thomas’s amazing recovery is due to his hard work and to the fact that Complete Game PT utilizes state of the art rehabilitation methods and clinical expertise to help him meet his goals. We were also able to work directly with his baseball coaches and instructors to make sure he was fully ready to return to baseball and make sure he uses proper mechanics so the injury won’t occur again. This has also lead to improved performance (4 home runs already this spring!).  Great job, Thomas!

At Complete Game Physical Therapy, we specialize in the treatment of youth baseball and softball players. If you or your athlete is experiencing shoulder or elbow pain, or you want more info on how you can prevent it call us at 978-710-7204, email me at, or browse our website. Also check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more tips on keeping yourself and your athlete injury-free.