“For athletes and active individuals alike, Complete Game Physical Therapy is a state-of-the-art physical therapy clinic where we are focused on helping you meet your goals - whether it's getting back on the field, court, ice or back to your activities of daily living. We are not like the big 'factory' type clinics. At Complete Game Physical Therapy, we believe in the importance of continuity of care.  Our clients see the same licensed physical therapist for individualized treatment at each visit and throughout their full recovery. When they are ready to return to sports or exercise, we are able to use our extensive network of trainers, coaches and instructors to help ensure that they safely and effectively get back in the game.” 

- Greg Crossman DPT, OCS, COMT, CSCS

Complete Game PT in Lowell MA specializes in rehabbing high school and adult athletes


At Complete Game we understand the unique needs of athletes and how important it is to prevent debilitating injuries, and get you back in the game quickly if one happens. Whether you are an athlete, or an active individual, we believe that all patients deserve personalized care designed to get you out of pain, and back out in the world.

Meet Greg Crossman and his staff from Complete Game PT in Lowell MA

dedicated to your unique needs

The staff at Complete Game Physical Therapy are specially trained to address your unique needs. Whether you are an athlete or an active individual, recovering from an injury or a surgery, our therapists focus on your goals, and helping you reach them. We’re here to help you get out of pain, and get back to your life.


I had many doubts about returning to play following my injury, but the folks at Complete Game made sure I stayed positive throughout the process.
— Anthony C., Quinnipiac Baseball

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At Complete Game we believe that true healing happens both inside and outside of the clinic. That’s why we’ve put together these free ebooks filled with tips and exercises to help you reduce pain, increase movement and get back to living. Click below to get instant access to one of our reports.