Complete Game Patient of the Month: Connor Donovan

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Introducing Complete Game’s Patient of the Month, Connor Donovan.

Connor came to Complete Game with a very bad elbow injury. “Doctors told me that I would probably never throw again.” Naturally Connor was disappointed with this prognosis.

Connor did what he thought was best. “I went to Dr. Oh at Massachusetts General Hospital for a second opinion. He told me that knew the best guy North of Boston that could help me. He recommended that I see Greg Crossman.”

Greg worked with Connor after his surgery. “I worked with Greg for a grueling eleven months and I am happy to report that I am back on the field and am back on the golf course! I never thought I would be back where I am today and I can’t thank Greg and Complete Game Physical Therapy for getting me there!”

Connor, we are so glad that you are back to doing what you love.