Patient of the Month: Connor


Complete Game is excited to introduce everyone to our Patient of The Month, Connor.

Connor is a very active college freshman who attends Bryant University.  He came to us after his second shoulder surgery...not one surgery on each side, but the second surgery on the same shoulder. The rehab process was extremely long and we had to wait a long time for healing to take place. The shoulder was very stiff and it took many sessions of work to get the mobility back.

The good news: once mobility was back, we focused on strength and stability and he was soon back to full activity.

Connor hopes to get back to track and field next season and with his determination and work we are sure he will! Inspired by Connor's recovery? Want to learn more? Complete Game Physical Therapy invites you to come see us at our new location at 1703 Middlesex Street in Lowell. 


Greg Crossman