Complete Game Patient of The Month: Bill Elwell


Our March Patient of the Month is Bill Elwell, who came to us here at Complete Game after having surgery for a total knee replacement. “At the time I started with Greg, my knee flexion was only degrees. Working out with Greg brought me up to 125 degrees.”

One of the differences that Bill noted in his time here is the hands-on approach we use. “Greg’s  hands-on approach was a pleasure because other PT practices I went to for other injuries were not that hands-on or one on one. They would give me heat or ultrasound and a bunch of exercises and go to another patient leaving me there unsupervised. Greg, on the other hand, would supervise and motivate from heat through exercise, to cool down and ice.”

As one of the patients to come to us in our new facility in Lowell, MA, Bill also noted that,  “The new facility is state of the art with everything imaginable.”

Bill’s daily life has definitely improved after coming to us. “After I graduated I kept up with my work out and I feel even better. When going down stairs before going to Complete Game I had to go down one stair at a time holding on but now I can go up and down like ‘normal’ people do.”

Bill’s last word on his experience here: “I enjoyed working with Complete Game and I really wouldn't change anything. I always speak highly of my time there.”

Thank you, Bill! We enjoyed working with you, too!

Greg Crossman