Complete Game Physical Therapy Patient of the Month Allie


Complete Game Physical Therapy introduces our September Patient of the Month, Allie Indingaro. Allie came to Complete Game after she had ACL Reconstruction. After working very hard on her recovery after this surgery, she was able to return to playing soccer this Fall.

We worked with her to not only get her knee better but also to stay positive and focus on her goals of returning to sports. She had plenty of inspiration from all of the athletes and active individuals that we have in our facility. She was motivated by all of the positivity throughout her recovery!

Allie’s mom was there throughout the recovery process. “At first it is hard to see your child in pain and struggling but that quickly changes to happiness and pride when you see them growing stronger and stronger. Greg is so focused on the patient he is with and my daughter felt he was focused solely on her and her recovery."

It was so great to work with you, Allie! We can’t wait to see on the soccer field this season.

Greg Crossman